2019 Timetable

Last updated: Tuesday 16th July

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Private Lessons have not been scheduled into our timetable yet. If you wish to arrange private lesson/s, please submit the following form: Download Private Lessons Form HERE

Monday- IPA Studio 1

5:00- 6:00pmJunior Contemporary Ashleigh Walker
6:00- 6:45pm10's Contemporary Performance TroupeAshleigh Walker
6:45- 7:45pmIntermediate ContemporaryAshleigh Walker
7:45- 8:30pm12's Contemporary Performance TroupeAshleigh Walker

Monday- IPA Studio 2

Time Class Teacher
4:00- 5:00pmGrade 3 Ballet Kate Hiron
5:00- 6:00pmPrimary Ballet Kate Hiron
6:00- 7:30pmIntermediate Ballet Kate Hiron
7:30- 9:00pmAdvanced Foundation Ballet Kate Hiron

Tuesday- IPA Studio 1

4:00- 4:30pmPre- Junior Hip HopJeremy Santos
5:30- 6:15pmJunior Hip Hop Jeremy Santos
6:15- 7:00pmJunior Hip Hop CrewJeremy Santos
7:00- 7:45pmInter/ Senior Hip HopJeremy Santos
8:15- 9:00pmIntermediate Hip Hop CrewJeremy Santos

Tuesday- IPA Studio 2

3:30- 4:00pmPre- Junior Tap Tania Hodda
4:00- 4:45pmJunior Tap Tania Hodda
4:45- 5:30pmJunior Tap PerformanceTania Hodda
5:30- 6:15pmIntermediate TapTania Hodda
6:15- 7:00pmSenior Tap Tania Hodda
7:00- 7:45pmAdult Tap Tania Hodda
7:45 - 8:30pmSenior Tap Competition TroupeTania Hodda

Wednesday- IPA Studio 1

5:00- 6:30pmIntermediate- Foundation Ballet Deborah Johnston
6:30- 8:00pmIntermediate Ballet Deborah Johnston
7:30- 9:00pmAdvanced- Foundation Ballet
(Inter & Adv. F cross over for pointe work)
Deborah Johnston

Wednesday- IPA Studio 2

4:30 - 5:30pmGrade 1 Ballet Shannon Briscoe
5:30- 6:30pmGrade 2 Ballet Shannon Briscoe
6:30- 7:30pmGrade 4 Ballet Shannon Briscoe
7:30- 8:30pmGrade 5 Ballet Shannon Briscoe

Thursday- IPA Studio 1

4:30- 5:15pmJunior Stretch & ConditioningElla Barlin
5:15- 6:15pmJunior JazzElla Barlin
6:15- 7:15pm10's Jazz Performance TroupeElla Barlin

Thursday- IPA Studio 2

3:30- 4:30pmGrade 2 Ballet Shannon Briscoe
4:30- 6:00pmIntermediate Ballet Shannon Briscoe
5:30- 7:00pmAdvanced Foundation Ballet
(Int & Adv F crossover for pointe work)
Shannon Briscoe
7.00- 8.30pmIntermediate- Foundation Ballet Shannon Briscoe

Friday- IPA Studio 1

4:30- 5:30pmSenior ContemporaryBen Zammit
5:30- 6:15pm14's Contemporary TroupeBen Zammit
6:15- 7:15pmAdvanced ContemporaryBen Zammit
7:00- 8:00pm16's Contemporary Troupe Ben Zammit
8:00- 8:30pm16's Small Group Contemporary TroupeBen Zammit

Friday- IPA Studio 2

4:00- 5:00pmPrimary Ballet Jess Borg
5:00- 6:00pmGrade 4 Ballet Jess Borg
6:00- 7:00pmGrade 5 Ballet Jess Borg
7:00- 8:30pmIntermediate- Foundation Ballet
Jess Borg

Saturday- IPA Studio 1

9:30- 10:00amRehearsal: Senior Musical Theatre- 'Wicked'
10:00- 10:15amRehearsal: 12/u Jazz- 'Instruction'Jess Stokes
10:15- 12:15amSenior Jazz and Intermediate JazzJess Stokes
12:15- 1:15pm14/u Jazz Performance TroupeJess Stokes
1:15- 2:15pmOpening Number Rehearsal- 'On Broadway'Jess Stokes
2:15- 3:15pm 16/u Jazz Performance- 'Rich Girl'Jess Stokes
3:15- 4:00pmJunior Musical Theatre- 'Mary Poppins'Jess Stokes
4:00- 5:00pm12/u Jazz Performance Troupe- 'The Way You Make Me Feel'Jess Stokes

Saturday- IPA Studio 2

8:30- 10:00am10's Ballet PerformanceKate Hiron
10:30- 11:30amGrade 3 Ballet Kate Hiron
11:30- 12:30pmGrade 1 Ballet Kate Hiron
1:00- 2:30pm8's Ballet PerformanceKate Hiron
5:00- 7:00pmChristmas Show rehearsal- Canberra Show

Saturday (classes at the GYM)

8:30- 9:30amBabies (Jazz, Tap & Ballet)Nicole Hough
9:30- 10:30amChildren's Jazz Nicole Hough
10:30- 11:00am6's Jazz TroupeNicole Hough
The gym studio is located directly across the road from the studio.
Senior IPA students ensure students cross the road safely if and when necessary.