2020 Timetable
Updated Friday 10th July

Here is a PDF copy of the Term 3 Classes in the studio.
Term 3 Timetable – PDF

Please contact us to confirm private lesson days/times.
If you wish to arrange private lesson/s, please submit the following form: Private Lessons Form 2020 PDF

Monday- IPA Studio 2

5:00- 6:00pmJunior Contemporary Bianca Rezo
6:00- 6:45pm10's Contemporary TroupeBianca Rezo
6:45- 7:45pmIntermediate ContemporaryBianca Rezo
7:45- 8:30pm12's. Contemporary TroupeBianca Rezo

Monday- IPA Studio 1

Time Class Teacher
4:00- 5:00pmGrade 3 Ballet Kate Hiron
5:00- 6:00pmGrade 4 Ballet Kate Hiron
6:00- 7:30pmIntermediate BalletKate Hiron
7:30- 9:00pmAdvanced- Foundation Ballet Kate Hiron

Tuesday- IPA Studio 1

4:00- 4:30pmPre- Junior Hip Hop
4:30- 5:30pmSenior Hip Hop
5:30- 6:30pmJunior / Intermediate Hip Hop
6:30- 7:00pmJunior Hip Hop Crew
7:45- 8:45pmSenior Hip Hop Crew

Tuesday- IPA Studio 2

3:30- 4:00pmPre- Junior Tap Tania Chodasewicz
4:00- 4:45pmJunior Tap Tania Chodasewicz
4:45- 5:30pmJunior Tap PerformanceTania Chodasewicz
5:30- 6:15pmIntermediate TapTania Chodasewicz
6:15- 7:00pmSenior Tap Tania Chodasewicz
7:00- 7:30pmSenior Tap PerformanceTania Chodasewicz
7:30 -8:30pmAdult Tap Tania Chodasewicz

Wednesday- IPA Studio 1

4:00- 5:30pmAdvanced Foundation Ballet Debbie Patience
5:30-6:30pmGrade 2 Ballet Debbie Patience
6:30-7:30pmIntermediate Ballet Debbie Patience
7:30-8:00pmPointe Work- Inter- Found and Inter BalletDebbie Patience
8:00- 9:00pmInter- Foundation Ballet Debbie Patience

Wednesday- IPA Studio 2

4:30- 5:30pmSenior Contemporary Jess Hesketh
5:30- 6:30pmContemporary Troupes (combined)Jess Hesketh
6:30- 8:00pmAdvanced Contemporary Jess Hesketh

Thursday- IPA Studio 1

4:00- 5:00pm12's Jazz TroupeAshleigh Tavares
5:00- 6:00pmIntermediate JazzAshleigh Tavares
6:00- 7:00pm14's Jazz TroupeAshleigh Tavares
7:00- 8:00pmSenior JazzAshleigh Tavares
8:00- 9:00pm Senior Jazz TroupeAshleigh Tavares

Thursday- IPA Studio 2

4:30- 6:00pmAdvanced 1 Ballet Klarissa Genussa
6:00- 7:00pmGrade 5 Ballet Klarissa Genussa
7:00- 8:30pmInter- Foundation Ballet Klarissa Genussa

Friday- IPA Studio 1

4:00- 4:30pmJazz Technique and Strength (Junior)Sasha Kendall
4:30- 5:30pmJunior JazzSasha Kendall
5:30- 6:30pm10's Jazz TroupeSasha Kendall
7:00- 8:00pmJazz Technique and Strength (Inter/ Senior)Sasha Kendall

Friday- IPA Studio 2

4:00- 5:00pmAdvanced 1 Ballet Jess Borg
5:00- 6:00pmPrimary Ballet Jess Borg
6:00- 7:00pmIntermediate Ballet Jess Borg
7:00- 7:30pmPointe Work: Inter- Found and Inter Ballet Jess Borg
7:30- 8:30pmInter- Foundation Ballet Jess Borg

Saturday- IPA Studio 1

8:30- 9:30am12's Ballet PerformanceKate Hiron
9:30- 10:30amGrade 4 Ballet Kate Hiron
11:00- 12:00pm8's Ballet PerformanceKate Hiron
1:00- 2:00pmGrade 2 Ballet Kate Hiron
3:30- 4:30pmVocational Ballet Performance Kate Hiron
4:30- 6:00pmAdvanced 1 Ballet Kate Hiron

Saturday- IPA Studio 2

8:30- 9:30amLittle Stars
9:30- 10:30amChildren's Jazz
11:00- 12:00pmPrimary Ballet
1:00- 2:00pmGrade 3 Ballet
2:30- 3:30pmAdvanced- Foundation Ballet
3:30- 4:00pmGrade 5 Ballet

Saturday (classes at the GYM)

The gym studio is located directly across the road from the studio.
Senior IPA students ensure students cross the road safely if and when necessary.